A Solar Home Lightning System is an alternative power source that uses the sun’s rays as electricity. Solar panels capture the sun’s energy, convert it into electricity, and store it in a backup battery power station for immediate or later use. The power harnessed from the sun and stored in the portable power station can supply your home and office with electricity during a power outage or emergency.

The YelloBox T5 (K088) solar home lighting system is the ideal power grid for your home. It is with Pay As You Go version for option, which is an affordable way for end-users. It is with 3 light points for 3 rooms lighting at the same time. The main box has an integrated light that can carry outdoor as a lantern, with 3 levels of brightness. This modern, efficient energy solution includes a 15 Watts 9Volts Crystalline Solar Panel + Mobile-Charging Battery Pack of  6.4 Volts 12,000mAh LiFePO4 + 3 x 270lm LED Bulbs + 5-in-1 Phone Charging Cable + AC-DC Adaptor + FM/AM/SW Radio with MP3 Player.

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