PopBox SR06

The society and economy have become accustomed to the constant interruption in electricity flow.

Light up your personal space, room, or shop with this PopBox (SR06). It contains a 10 Watts solar panel and 6.4V, 6,000 mAh LiFePO4 battery. Embrace green innovations in your space. Mobile phones can be charged, It has a built-in solar charge controller which protects the battery from overcharging hence, you can leave the solar panel connected. 

It is the ideal power grid with 3 light points for 3 rooms lighting at the same time. Modern, efficient energy solution which also includes 1 tube light and a 5-in-1 phone charging cable. The LED bulbs give you a light for up to 10 hours on two bulbs and up to 19 hours with one bulb.

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